Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Growing Boy

Hudson is growing up right before our eyes! He is really becoming a little boy, with his own personality, happy, sweet, loving boy. He decided about a month ago that he was done with diapers. YAH for Momma and Daddy!! And he finally got the number two in the potty down! WOOHOO!! Such a big boy....and he is not even 2 1/2!!
He loves music! And loves to DANCE!! And he wants everyone to dance with him! LOL So we do alot of dancing at our house. His favorite song right now is Robert Palmer's Simply Irresistible. He bobs his head and says 'Yeah Baby!' It is hilarious!!
Hudson has all of the sudden gotten very interested in MONSTERS. I don't know if it is Monster Inc, the movie or maybe he has heard about MONSTERS at school. He says, "Monsters in my home Mommy?" We finally convinced him that Chief would get the monsters if they even got close to our house. That seemed to safice him.
I hope everyone is doing good and enjoying the beginning of summer. I can't wait to get the splash pool out! :)

Hudson's Momma

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Anonymous said...

we can't wait to spend "our time" with you this summer, in only 3 weeks and then again in Aug. when mom and dad go on vacation! I have so many plans, I hope we have enough time! I love you sweet boy,