Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hudson Goes to the Zoo

We took Hudson to the zoo last Sunday. We met Hudson's Best Bud, Jackson, there. He had a great time! All Hudson wanted to see was the EAGLES! He is really into eagles! We saw giraffes, zebras, a one-eyed ostrich, gorillas.....and that wasn't peanut butter that he was licking off his fingers....., lions and tigers and bears (OH MY!), and lot more really fun animals! I can't wait to go back!!

Getting ready for a blizzard. Hopefully we are not homebound! LOL
Hudson's Mommy

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Anonymous said...

Hey Hudson, This is your first real spring break. At the Ft. Worth zoo so many people went over spring break they caused a huge traffic jam on a Wed!!! You have so many new and exciting things coming into your life, so hold on tight.
Love you, gammy